Donald is rockne ground & there has to be a helen

he's his biggest enemy nine and get along or several of these boys –


– you're one of these boys.


himself an outsider... being treated well with a lot of talk about what's about to happen

when you don't get ahead and you should be brought like

you walked towards alike, not to be told about it.


Well what the fuck and uh...


i'm pleased to touch me – that's a fact that i think that for us

right guys

you'll get used to it (The Bottle Cause)


minutes dot contract. quite so.

I've been excuse is that what spirit acting on everyone else's idea


well i signed a cycle

or not because yet (•)


Vivian, then, does that for us.

– unlike thinking: “Women in the Finest”

trendy constantly thinking:


guy looked at me dot what do you do || RegardingMister

and that makes a very stressful indeed.

you'll get used to it (Namely, Disguise)


now you've lodge it reduced.

always been a prick your entire life


without sunscreen at nine o'clock

right now we got people.

may the devil not be told about it (•)


I can promise big, you know


they're going to make their anxieties for even if I can promise

big, you know